Focused Session

Financial Coach New Orleans

These questions can be anything that comes up that is unexpected or not part of your usual financial picture:

  • You got a new job and want help understanding how to get the most out of your benefits package.
  • You’ve got student loans and want to know how to pay them off faster or lower your overall payments.
  • You just had or are expecting a baby and want to figure out how much and what type of life insurance is right for you.
  • You got a raise (great!) and want to figure out the best way to prioritize your new income.
  • A loved one passed away, leaving you an inheritance. You want to talk with a professional about how best to use those funds.
  • You’re getting married and want to set up a system for you and your spouse to combine finances.
  • You want to know if you’re on track for retirement, and what changes you can make to get there if you’re not.
  • You’ve got debt and want to work out a debt management plan that prioritizes the right order to pay off your debt.

Cost: $350, includes meeting, a written list of follow up steps, and one week of follow-up email support.

Let's Talk


We'll use this time to get to know each other, discuss your initial questions, and decide if we're a good fit to work together going forward. 

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